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By goodvin | 05 June 2019 | 1 Comments

What is Overhead Fiber Optic Cable?

An overhead fiber optic cables are cables used in transmission of data over a long distance. Normally, these cables are fixed on utility poles. Consequently, they are coated with PE jacket to protect the inner part from various environmental factors such as rain, sun, dust etc.
Under the sheath, there is a metallic buffer tube which contains 1-12 fibers. In North America, overhead fiber optic cables are mostly used in fixing telephone and TV line. They are used to connect remote building for effective communication. Additionally, overhead fiber optic cables are used to connect several building sites over a wide geographical area. In some conditions, the overhead cables can be integrated in the power conductor for effective communication.  
The Overhead Fiber Optic Cables are mostly used in connecting the electronic devices such as the Television and Radio.  Consequently, Overhead Fiber Optic Cable can also connect buildings especially if they are located with the same area for effective communication.

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