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Characteristics of Optical Fiber cable

A typical fiber optic cable consists of several components: optical fiber; strand buffer; strength members; optical shield materials for mechanical protection; outer jacket.Each of these components has a specific function within the cable to help ensure that the data get transmitted reliably.
Optical Fiber
An optical fiber strand is the basic element of a fiber optic cable.All fiber strands have at least three components to their cross sections: the core, the cladding,and the coating. Plastic Optical Fiber Cable consists of a plastic core and where from 50 microns up, surrounded by a plastic cladding of a different index of refraction.Generally speaking,these are the lowest-quality optical fibers and are seldom sufficient to transmit light over long distance.
The buffer,the second-most distinguishing characteristic of the cable, is the component that provides additional protection for the optical fibers inside the cable.The buffer does just what its name implies: it buffers, or cushions,the optical fiber from the stresses and forces of the outside world.Optical fiber buffers are classified as either tight or loose tube.

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